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Intelligence in Science
and Math Program

         In the Intelligence in Science and Math Program, where the emphasis is placed on students learning in Science and Mathematics, students also learn Design and Technology as well as Computing Science. Technology plays the role of facilitator in educating the students.

         Each has his/her his/her own laptop to use for their learning, including searching online for all important details relating to their schoolwork. They are also using Microsoft OneNote to replace physical notebooks. The best thing about OneNote for the students is that they can open and review all of their topics for all of their subjects anytime and anywhere.
        The students themselves are changing the way they learn, using technology to teach themselves Basic Programming, Graphics Editing, and making interactive projects with the "Arduino" open-source electronics hardware & software design platform. Offered by the Institute for Promoting Science and Technology (IPST), Arduino allows students to design and program their own circuits onto an IPST "Microbox" programmable circuit board and then to test and refine the outputs of their Arduino boards.

Learning Activities

Homeroom Teacher

Intelligence in Science and Math Program
Intelligence in Science and Math Program (ISMP)
Three teachers per classroom have the roles to empower students to attain high standard of academic achievement.