Kasintorn Saint Peter School was founded in 1997, providing the education to young Thais by adopting the curriculum from the Ministry of Education of Thailand.

The school offers Pre-Kindergarten 2 through Grade 12, employing child-centered approach as a significant strategy for our learning and teaching process.

In 1998, in its first year, there were about 600 students enrolled in our school both in kindergarten and primary level. With 44 teachers and staff, the school began its mission to provide the best possible education to all of our students.

We prepare our students via realistic context and experiences to enable them to respond to worldwide educational progress. Students are academically motivated and also engage in different co-curricular activities like sports, camps, clubs, performing arts and music, and services that include environmental education.

The English Program is a progressive and ever expanding concept. It is founded with a fundamental aim - to provide all students with the knowledge and skills to take part in a worldwide community. The program sets out to empower students to be independent thinkers with respect for their community and culture. The learning environment is set up to be interesting and fun for the students and teachers together. It provides English language skills at levels appropriate to each student's ability and aptitude

The program keeping in advancement and up to date with developing educational trends and economic strategies in accordance with the ideologies and proposals for the ASEAN community development as well.

English Program remains committed to the ongoing development of an internationalized educational environment' designed to improve student language skills especially in areas of fluency and comprehension. It will proudly lay claim to its significance in the academic and spiritual development of its students from childhood to adulthood.