All technology and associated facilities are valued in terms of helping to provide meaningful lessons and a quality education provision. With this in mind, Kasintorn St. Peter School provides advanced and appropriate information resources to support the teaching-learning programs of the school.

To ensure that educational potential will not be hampered by unmet health needs, the school provides quality nursing care to every member of the institution. Thus, facilities such as a clinic on each building is provided to cater for the health needs of all concerned. The school also promotes health knowledge for awareness and supporting positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle..

The school also provides classrooms that are spacious, well ventilated and illuminated, aesthetically pleasing and furnished with comfortable chairs and wide study tables. Teaching equipment is also afforded including large whiteboards and audio/visual facilities. Projectors in some rooms are also available. Learners use new edition textbooks and state-of-the-art facilities such as computers, science and computer laboratories, audio-visual rooms, play areas and swimming pools. The school strives to provide a physical environment that is comfortable, safe, secure and accessible.

To achieve the institution's quest for excellence, it offers no less than the best technology and associated facilities that are advanced, relevant and updated printed - electronic resources, quality audio-visual and multi-media equipment and outstanding information facilities with competent and service-oriented staff.