Welcome to kasintorn saint peter

Kasintorn Saint Peter School English Program was established in 2004. The English Program Department provides interactive study with a variety of learning that embraces quality and effective education.

We believe that authentic learning is the foundation of real life learning and the key for achieving goals in life.

The School aims to provide outstanding teaching styles and performances, developing students with enriching skills, personalities and excellency. KSP English Program offers a broad range of opportunities to meet individual potential and meaningful growth that is both nurturing and valuable.

We prepare our students via realistic context and experiences to enable them to respond to worldwide educational progress. Students are academically motivated and also engage in different co-curricular activities like sports, camps, clubs, performing arts and music, and services that include environmental education.

The school seeks to facilitate an exceptional presentations and performances for all students to share and enjoy. It is our virtue is to nurture our students with sound values, morals and ethics. To be committed to becoming a good citizen of the nation and to be able to construct a successful living by applying the knowledge and positive attitudes into their daily lives. It is our privilege to be part of their happiness and achievement that the school will be proud of.